What promises cleanlisness, has to be clean

You sell cleanliness and car care to your customers. This is why a well-tended car wash plant is particularly important. There are acidic or alkaline cleaner for all application areas and types of dirt. The cleaners remove calcification, greasy and oily ordure of tiles, of gates, windows, floors and last but not least of machines. As with the vehicle cleaned surfaces have to be sealed with appropriate care products. this will prolong the life span of your plant and delay afresh pollution.

The Dr.Stöcker Tip

Do not underestimate the loss of turnover because of an untended appearance of hall and plant. Cleanliness is an important and crucial factor. Apart from this a regular care contributes to value retention decisively. Dr. Stöcker offers a favourable Full Service for the professional cleaning of your plant by experts.

Advantages with Dr.Stöcker

  • Cleaner for every type of pollution, acidic or alkaline
  • Favourable cleaning products. All products are harmless to your helath if used properly
  • Advisory service through our sales stuff. Favourable Dr.Stöcker quotation: professional plant cleaning by experts
  • Guaranteed adherence to sewage water limit values when used according to instructions


KlimaTec powerfresh

Dr. Stöcker KlimaTec powerfresh is the perfect cleaning spray for air conditioning systems ...