Scent Foam Power Plus

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Heavy foam - intense scent in the complete plant. Heavily foaming con-centrate with an above-average scent of freshness everywhere in the plant. Due to the heavy foam formation and the very stable foam bubbles, the scent foam PowerPlus provides a longer soaking time and a substantially improved cleaning result. Double concentrate, very efficient.
Available with different scents!


Dose undiluted or 1:4 to 1:9 pre-diluted with water  via the dosing pump. For achieving the desired foam formation, water, air and the product have to be set accordingly. Consump-tion approx.
5 - 10 ml of the concentrate per vehicle

Content/Item No.

Can, 25 l
Item-No.: 651712
easypack, 4x5 l
Item-No.: 651720

Material Safety Data Sheet

Odour "Emotion"
Can, 25 l
Item-No.: 651912
easypack, 4x5 l
Item-No.: 651920

Material Safety Data Sheet

Odour "fresh&fruity"
Can, 25 l
Item-No.: 651512
easypack, 4x5 l
Item-No.: 651520

Material Safety Data Sheet


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