Active Cleaner Power Plus

  • pre-cleaner

Alkaline pre-cleaner especially for car wash plants. Suitable for removing in-sect residues, for cleaning of paint sur-faces and wheel rims. It's a fast and thorough cleaner, removing apart from coarse dirt even problematic dirt like statically clinging thin layers of dirt, road salt residues, resin, bird droppings and dried insect residues. Particularly applicable for salt deposits in winter and therefore perfectly suited for pre-soak arches or presoak foamers and HP units. The addition of water softener protects the devices against limescale deposits. Double concentrate, very effi-cient.


Consumption approx. 20 - 50 ml of concentrate. Use  in presoak arches with a 0.5 to 1 % solution, for insect removal in presoak foamers with 2 to 3 %, for problematic dirt like resin or bird dropping use 3 to 5 % solution.  For wheel rim cleaning dilute 1:3 to 1:6 with water. Spray wheel rims, allow to take effect, then rinse with water.

Content/Item No.

Can, 25 l
Item-No.: 654112

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