Manual pre-wash is the basis for every good wash result

Resin, tar, bird droppings and insect residues will be soaked and can then be removed by the wash plant. Also individual cleaning problems of the vehicle as a result of vehicle outline or state of paint can be eased by the pre-wash.

The Dr.Stöcker Tipp

The best pre-wash effect is shown by pre-cleaners with a high pH-value (> 10), when used professionally, for example Aktiv-Reiniger Power Plus. Please make sure, that vehicles will be sprinkled evenly bottom-up.

A fast and thorough pre-wash pays off, first and foremost when using alternative or textile wash material.

The spray-units of Car Care Company are ideal devices for pre-wash. It is advisable to use modern cleaner with a pH-value of max. 10, if the customer itself undertakes the pre-cleaning, e.g. with a spray-unit or in a SB-box. Dr.Stöcker Insektenlöser or Aktiv-Vorreiniger Plus (approx. pH-value 10) do not even cause any damage when left to dry (tested and certified by the research institute Forschungsinstitut Pigmente und Lacke e.V., Stuttgart)

Advantages with Dr.Stöcker

  • Fast and powerful effect
  • Better wash results for all types of car wash plants, especially with alternative or textile wash materials.
  • Paint protection through removal of coarse contamination
  • Economical because of extensive productiveness
  • Highly concentrated, little required space and small amounts of packaging waste
  • Tensides are biologically degradable and meet the EG-directive 648/2004 on detergents
  • Guaranteed adherence of waste water limit values when applied according regulations


KlimaTec powerfresh

Dr. Stöcker KlimaTec powerfresh is the perfect cleaning spray for air conditioning systems ...