Special Insect Remover

  • pre-cleaner

An effective alkaline concentrate for removing coarse dirt and insects. Be-sides ordinary persistent coarse dirt, it also removes dried insect residues easi-ly, quickly, efficiently and gently. The specific tenside combination of the highly concentrated cleaner takes effect while being extremely gentle to the paint coating and wheel rims. There-fore, it's perfectly suited for the use in self-services areas. With scent.


Use for insect removal in presoak foamers: 3 to 5 % solution; in presoak devices dilute 2 l of concentrate with 60 l of water. In presoak arches: 1 to 2 % solution. Rinse with water when fin-ished.

Content/Item No.

Can, 25 l
Item-No.: 653912

Material Safety Data Sheet


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