Hard Wax Power Plus with nanotechnology

  • preservatives

A high-performance preserving agent for surface sealing with outstanding effect. Due to the latest nanotechnolo-gy, this premium preservative ensures a highly resistant paint coating protec-tion. Nanoparticles provide an extreme-ly smooth surface finish and thus a stunning shine of the paint coating. Besides the impressive shine effect, the thick surface sealing also offers an ex-cellent protection against aggressive dirt such as acids, resin or bird droppings. Additionally, it maintains and protects rubber and plastic parts. With an optimized drying and perfect water beading effect on glass, the car glass remains free of streaks. Due to a specif-ic refraction, the Hard Wax Power Plus with nanotechnology refreshes the paint coating.


After wet cleaning, use undiluted via the dosing pump, then rinse with wa-ter. Our recommendation for best re-sults: Consumption 20 - 25 ml of the concentrate per vehicle. A rinsing arch should be available at the plant.

Content/Item No.

Can, 25 l
Item-No.: 655412
easypack, 4x5 l
Item-No.: 655420

Material Safety Data Sheet


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