Pearlwax forte

  • preservative

As is known that the water hardness influence the perfect function of preservatives, so that an elevation in the paint will be prevented, stains and wet vehicles are the result. Here the new Dr.Stöcker Pearlwax forte scores with his multi-flexible usability for all water hardnesses. Dr.Stöcker Pearlwax forte achieves a thick and glassy surface preservation on all kinds of paint coatings. Faded paint coatings and plastic surfaces are refreshed and shield against weather and environmental influences. Additionally, it maintains and protects rubber and plastic parts. With an optimized drying and perfect water beading effect on glass, the car glass remains free of streaks.


Use undiluted via the dosing pump. Consumption approx. 15 - 25 ml of the concentrate per vehicle.. Our recommendation for optimum drying: Rinse with water!

Content/Item No.

Canister, 25 l
Item No.: 665012

EasyPack, 4 x5 l
tem No.: 665020

Material Safety Data Sheet


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