Flocculant Power Plus

  • water treatment

A special product for flocculation or sedimentation of dirt particles in the waste water treatment plant - avoids unpleasant odours. Creating stable flakes that can be removed from the water by filtration, flocculation or sed-imentation, the flocculant provides an optimal cleaning of the waste water. It avoids sulphate reduction and hence bad odours like hydrogen sulphide. Additionally, it improves the chemical oxygen demand (COD-value) and pre-vents plant corrosion due to lower salt loads.


Add undiluted to the water cycle via the dosing pump, so that a good mixing is guaranteed (e.g. in the chain chamber). Consumption approx. 10 - 15 ml of the concentrate per vehicle, depending on the degree of contamination.

Content/Item No.

Can, 25 l
Item-No.: 657612

Material Safety Data Sheet


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