Hydrodor BioActive

  • water treatment

Microbiological additive which stops unpleasant odours in industrial wa-ter. Specifically selected microorgan-isms suppress the bacteria responsible for unpleasant odours within a relative-ly brief period of time and remove bio films in water-carrying pipes, basins and filter systems. The circulating water will be purified and the odour is signifi-cantly improved. Contamination and dirt in halls and machinery can be re-moved much easier. You can spare yourself the usage of odour blockers. The innovative Dr.Stöcker Hydrodor BioActive is of course also well suited for use in biological processing plants.


Please add 300ml per 1,000 l of recycled water when used for initial treatment. For subsequent use add 30 to 50ml of the product per m3 of recycled water once a day (at the end of the day). A suitable dosing device is available from stock.

Content/Item No.

Can, 25 l
Item-No.: 657712

Material Safety Data Sheet


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