Active Wheel Cleaner Plus

  • wheel rim cleaner

Alkaline special cleaner against persistent pollution
The high performance cleaner, which is particularly suited for steel and alloy wheels, removes thoroughly most persistent dirt and abrasion of brake pads as well as road salt. It is very efficient in removing crusted mud or any other soil. Additionally it contains corrosion protection for wheel and wheel rim bolts. With a pleasant odour. Double concentrate, very efficient.


Depending on degree of contamination dilute 1:3 or 1:6 with water.
Spray wheel rims, leave cleaner to soak for a short while, brush eventually and then rinse with water. Use undiluted in the car wash plant via a dosing pump.

Content/Item No.

Can, 25 l
Item-No.: 653012
easypack, 4x5 l
Item-No.: 653020

Material Safety Data Sheet


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