Active Wheel Rim Cleaner forte

  • wheel rim cleaner

Alkaline special cleaner for the re-moval of persistent dirt. This high-performance cleaner even removes persistent dirt like the abrasions from brake pads as well as road salt. It pro-vides outstanding properties against crusted mud and general road dirt and also contains a special corrosion protec-tion for wheel rims. It comes along with a pleasant scent. Double concentrated, very efficient. Not suitable for anodized rims.


Wait until the wheel rims are cooled down. Consumption approx. 20 ml of the concentrate per vehicle. Depending on the degree of dirt, dilute the product 1:3 to 1:6 with water. Spray wheel rims, allow to take effect briefly, then rinsing with water.

Content/Item No.

Can, 25 l
Item-No.: 540012

Material Safety Data Sheet


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