Intensiv Foam Special

  • wheel rim cleaner

A foaming acidic special cleaning agent, also for persistent dirt. This high-performance cleaner ensures the very best cleaning even for highly worn wheel rims. As a result of the foaming surfactants, the foam remains on the surface for a longer period, has a more sustained effect and thus provides its great dirt-removing capacity. In addi-tion, it also contains corrosion protec-tion for wheel and wheel rim screws. With a pleasant scent. Double concen-trate, highly efficient.


Depending on the type of dirt, predilute with water (1:3 to 1:6) and fill into the Dr.Stöcker foam spraying pump (please read the manual carefully), spray onto wheel rims, allow to take effect, if nec-essary use a brush and then rinse with water. Quantity depends on the re-quired foam formation, approx. 20 ml of concentrate per vehicle.

Content/Item No.

Can, 25 l
Item-No.: 655712

Material Safety Data Sheet


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