Intensive Wheel Cleaner forte

  • wheel rim cleaner

An acidic special cleaning agent for persistent, particularly inorganic dirt on wheel rims. This special product also removes problematic dirt like brake pad wear, dried mud or road dirt. In order to increase the efficiency, the flow properties were improved, the dirt is now infiltrated more effectively and removed more easily. The additional dis-persing effect means that the dirt is dispersed and removed more effectively and can be rinsed off with water more easily. The reduced rate of evaporation keeps the product fluid for a longer period and therefore also extends the period where it is chemi-cally active.


Depending on the type of dirt, predilute with water prior to use (1:3 to 1:6). Spray and allow to take effect and then rinse with water. Use the product undi-luted in car washes, apply with a pre-soak foamer. Use approx. 20 ml of concentrate per vehicle.

Content/Item No.

Can, 25 l
Item-No.: 652212

Material Safety Data Sheet


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