With Dr.Stöcker wheel cleaner the wheel rims of your customers will become eye catches

 A complete and satisfying car wash is last but not least defined by the cleanliness of the wheel rims.  Precisely the wheel rims are an important eye catcher and add to the complete appearance of the vehicle. With Dr.Stöcker Wheel Cleaner your customers wheels will become eye catchers. Dr.Stöcker wheel cleaner removes easily particularly persistent dirt such as brake abrasion and street dirt.

In addition to the powerful cleaning the anti-corrosive protects security-relevant parts and wheel rim bolts.

The Dr.Stöcker Tip
Clean wheels after a car wash are a must for satisfied customers. Use Dr.Stöcker Wheel Cleaner in order to offer the optimal car care service to your customer.

Products should not dry out when using them. Hot wheels have to cool before use of product. Damaged wheels must not be treated with the products. Only treat alkaline- or acid-resistant parts of your vehicle depending on the type of wheel cleaner. Leave cleaner to soak no longer than max. 1 minute and rinse with plenty of clear water.

Advantages with Dr.Stöcker

  • Powerful cleaning even for strongly polluted wheel rims
  • Removes even most persistent dirt
  • High capability to absorb dirt
  • Corrosion protection for wheel and wheel rim bolts


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