Microfibre Cloth

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The new microfiber cloth offers a high cleaning power on all smooth surfaces such as glass and synthetics and is a sponging cloth ideal for car wash. It is convenient use is a matter of fact: it is antistatic, doesn’t pill, it is re-usable be-cause it can be washed up to 60°C. Therefore the Dr.Stöcker microfi-ber cloth is the ideal supplement for your shop. At the same time it could support the sale of premium washes as giveaway. The Dr.Stöcker microfiber cloth can be used dry or wet and is par-ticularly suitable for polishing the var-nish after using paint care or for remov-ing remaining drops of water, which run out of gaps and seams of mirror, tank cap or boot.


Content/Item No.

Carton, 100 pieces   
Item-No.: 683400

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