Top-product capacity in line with nature

Dr.Stöcker has been developing environment-friendly products for over one decade and a half. With great success, because our products contain no unneeded colour, are free of hydrocarbons and biologically degradable up to 90 %. Dekra-Tests according Eco-Norm B5105 certify constant adherence to wastewater limit values. See Details as follows:

  • Dr.Stöcker Pre-cleaner are free of phosphates and don’t contain environmentally hazardous complexing agents.
  • Dr.Stöcker alkaline foam contains tensides suited for cosmetics.
  • Dr.Stöcker Shampoos contain tensides on the basis of renewable resources.
  • Dr.Stöcker dryer are free of solvents and hydrocarbons.
  • Dr.Stöcker conserver can be used only in small quantities because they are highly concentrated.
  • Dr.Stöcker hall cleaner is produced on the basis of natural acids.

Water treatment is another of Dr.Stöckers topics:
With highly effective and efficient products for all prevalent systems.

Moreover you could contact our adjustment and dosing service staff, who could help you to adjust your car wash plant and find the perfect dosing of wash chemistry.


KlimaTec powerfresh

Dr. Stöcker KlimaTec powerfresh is the perfect cleaning spray for air conditioning systems ...