Corporate policy regarding quality, health & safety and environment

Corporate policy is made by the management of the company. All employees have to consider this policy in their work.

All activities are directed towards innovation, quality, health & safety and environment. Our products and services are of a high standard in order to provide inventory keeping and a continuous partnership with colleagues, customers and  suppliers.

We believe in the principal of sustainable development. We therefore regard economical, ecological and social issues likewise.

Our corporate policy is directed towards:

  • Conformance to customer requirements and expectations
  • Provision of products for the customer’s benefit and satisfaction  with an environmentally safe transport, usage and waste management Production under the consideration of Zero-defect control and guarantee of safe handling of products and residual materials.
  • Reduction of material and energy input as well as minimisation of emission and waste materials.
  • Constant improvement of the safety standard regarding equipment, work security and health protection at our location are extremely important. We guard against risks and provide for effective prevention of hazards according to all laws and directives.
  • Responsibility of each employee for maintaining quality, safety, health and environmental protection standards. Our staff is sensitized by training measures and qualified to realise our principles.
  • Cooperation in partnership with all suppliers under the aspects of maintaining quality, safety, health and environmental protection standards.
  • Faults should not be regarded as weakness, but as a chance of avoiding them in the future.


 From this corporate policy we have - in cooperation with our staff - developed the following corporate guidelines.


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