Corporate guidelines

We only keep promises
    which are safeguarded by maintaining quality.
We continually improve
    our products and services.

We plan
    our processes on the basis of data and information analysis in order to ensure a continued existence and further development of our company and a durable partnership with our customers.

We constantly observe
    the market in order to be able to provide new products and ideas on a short-term-basis for varying conditions.

We continually improve
    qualifications of our executives in order to keep them on a high level.

Our colleagues
    are regularly trained so that they will be able to contribute to the company’s success and customer’s satisfaction.
We agree   
    together with our colleagues upon business objectives and supervise their achievement.

We provide  
    the necessary means for the elimination of the cause of errors.

We only cooperate
    with reliable suppliers which are our partners at the same time.

We increase  
    our staff members satisfaction by letting them participate in the management of their activities.


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