KlimaTec powerfresh


Bright prospects for your turnover!

Especially after the wet and cold season the danger of having mould and bacteria inside the vehicle interior is very high. Air conditioning systems provide the ideal breeding ground. Unpleasant odours and health risks are the consequence. 

Dr. Stöcker Klimatec powerfresh is the perfect cleaning spray for air conditioning systems. It sustainably cleans and desinfects all ventilation ducts. It's very effective against mould and bacteria and neutralises odours. After the 15-minute application the complete interior is pleasantly fresh.

Our application video shows that the handling is easy as pie.
Shake the can before use. Start the engine. Set the air conditioning to "cold" on the highest level and on air circulation. Open the ventilation slots.

Slide the driver's seat completely to the front and fold the backseat forward. Place the can behind the driver's seat in the rear foot room. Press the spray  nozzle down until it clicks.

Leave the vehicle, close all windows and doors. After 15 minutes open all doors and let the vehicle air. Stop the engine.

Just in time for spring get real additional revenues by the Klimatec powerfresh cleaning spray for air conditioning systems!

Our application video shows that the handling is easy as pie.

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